Electric bicycle market in Europe prospect

It is the best solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Europe cities by riding a bicycle,especially for a short journey.The most European Cycling Federation concerned is safety,quality and creation of the products,in other words,it is the final market’s audit criteria to any companies.···

7 Reasons for an E-bike Speed Slows Down

There are many clients feedback that their e-bike will slow down after a period of time,even it is a new one.So what should we do when things happened?Here are 7 problems our technician investigated and summarized.The battery is exhausted.You may found that when your battery is going to use···

Make Technological Breakthrough and Extend Life Span

An e-bike uses a lithium battery as assist power,generally installed motor,controller,shifter,player and other parts to make up a personal transport tool.They are small and light,becoming more and more popular among customers around the world. Compared with traditional Lead-acid bike,a lithiu···

Shuangye In the 27th China International Bicycle Fair

With the sunshine on the earth gently,Shanghai now catch everyone’s attention all over the word.The 27th China International Bicycle Fair held solemnly in National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai)on May 6-9, 2017,with Innovation,intelligent&Interaction as the theme.More than ···